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Construction Safety Tips: Things To Look Out For On The Construction Site

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When you run a construction company and oversee the construction sites, it is essential that you pay close attention to safety precautions. The following things are what you should be keeping an eye on to ensure the safety of all your workers.

Know if Hazardous Materials Are Present

Many construction sites have hazardous materials, and while this is normal, you still need to identify and label the materials. Your employees should know what materials are present and how to handle emergency situations involving these materials. Prepare a material safety data sheet that includes all toxic or hazardous materials, from chemicals to materials, used on the job site. You may need to have a professional who handles hazardous materials help you prepare the document and guidelines for handling these materials.

Inspect Construction Equipment

Your construction equipment must always be in good working condition for the safety of your employees and to avoid incidents on the job site. Someone should be inspecting the construction equipment on a regular basis, including a brief inspection before each use. Tractors, haulers, concrete mixers, and other equipment should never be used if there are mechanical or other issues. If repairs need to be done, either put a hold on that part of the work until they are complete, or rent equipment temporarily to keep up with your timeline.

Train Employees in Job Site Safety

All employees working on a job site, whether they are a laborer, carpenter, or foreman, needs to be trained on proper safety measures. They should know how to inspect equipment before using it, what structures need to be built before entering a deep trench, and how to lift heavy materials properly. If you notice a laborer picking up heavy lumber by bending over, they are going to get a back injury. Make sure that employee learns how to lift properly to avoid such injuries. Go over the safety measures regularly with all of your employees to avoid incidents.

Provide Safety Gear

As the business owner, it is your job to provide safety equipment and gear for all employees. This begins with basic safety gear like hard hats, goggles, and gloves. If employees are going to be using or around loud equipment like a jackhammer, they need to have ear protection as well. Also provide equipment for contractors working in trenches or on rooftops, such as harnesses to prevent injury if they fall. Reflective vests should be worn by construction workers who are working on job sites on the street and other dangerous areas.

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