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Distinctive Kitchen Styles

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When it comes to remodeling the kitchen in your home, you are faced with all sorts of decisions. One of the best ways to start is by choosing a design style. Remember to select elements for your kitchen that are both functional and express your personal style. You can individualize the décor by choosing unique art, interesting color schemes, tasteful furniture and imaginative lighting. No matter what you decide on, your own taste will shine through. Modern or traditional, it's up to you.


You can never go wrong taking a traditional approach to decorating your kitchen. Antiques made of solid wood with intricate carvings are timeless and can never be duplicated by today's mass production techniques. Your table and chairs can be complemented by a buffet or dresser to store silverware and china. This is the perfect setting to use your grandmother's linens for special occasions.


There is much more latitude in decorating in a contemporary style. Modern art can serve as a focal point in this type of setting; there is less structure compared with a traditional kitchen.

The design is sharper, angles are rectangular or even perfectly formed at ninety-degrees. Metallic details and high-gloss surfaces highlight this type of look.


This charming look can take an old, log cabin as inspiration. Choose organic textures to keep the space from looking too heavy. A room with exposed beams and a table with bench seating create a rustic, country look. The use of dropped lights over the table or track lighting could be worked in as a modern touch but still keep with the rustic look.


Think of a beach house along the shore of Nags Head as inspiration for the cottage look. Create a comfortable space with traditional lighting. Walls can be paneled or beadboarded with a chair rail. Sconces with a glass hurricane lamp would be a great touch. An otherwise homey look will take on a touch of elegance with furniture that has a beautiful patina. Slipcovers with tones of beige, white, or gray will complement the look.


Traditional combines modern design with traditional and classic touches. Colors are usually calming, textures are organic, and window treatments are crisp. The overall effect is contemporary with a nod to the past.

No matter which style you choose, make it functional, make it comfortable, and make it express your own personal style. If you prefer, don't be afraid to mix styles and change accessories with the seasons. Use your imagination!

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