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Remodeling The Guesthouse Bathroom For Elderly Visitors

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Owning a property with a guesthouse presents a wonderful opportunity to invite senior members of your family and friends circle to come stay awhile. You and your children will get to spend time with grandparents, uncles and aunts, and older folks who have become good friends. In return, your visitors get to enjoy your company, and when they need quiet time or sleep they can retire to the guesthouse for rest and relaxation. To make their visits more comfortable – and safe – it's a worthwhile investment to have some renovations done to the guesthouse bathroom. With a few basic improvements you can make it easier for your guests to maneuver and also reduce the potential for slip and fall injuries.

Install a Walk-In Shower

It can be difficult for a senior with arthritis, balance issues, or other conditions that limit flexibility to navigate an old-fashioned tub or tub-shower combination. Replace this type of bathroom furnishing with a walk in shower installation that will be easy to get in and out of. An experienced contractor can offer options ranging from sleek, modern fiberglass shower units to elegant tile showers with decorative glass doors. Whichever version you choose, the shower should include:

  • non-slip surface to stand on
  • bench for seated showering
  • hand-held shower head with a long hose to make reaching easy
  • recessed shelf to keep soap and shampoo nearby
  • grab bars to grip for balance and to help when sitting down or standing.

Replace the Toilet

Your contractor can also replace a standard toilet with a comfort height toilet, which stands 2 to 3 inches higher than an ordinary toilet. This style is easier to deal with as your elderly guests won't have to bend too low or expend extra effort to get on and off the toilet seat. Make sure the toilet paper holder is positioned within easy reach, and have grab bar firmly mounted on the closest wall for extra support.

Choose a Safe Floor Covering

Granite floors may look awesome and smooth-surface vinyl can be pretty, but both of these popular bathroom floor styles can be slick – especially when they're splashed with water. Instead, have your contractor install safer flooring such as certified slip-resistant tile.

TIP: Glazed ceramic tiles with an anti-slip finish are a favorite and come in a variety of rich, warm colors.

Now all you need to add is a big stack of fluffy towels and beautiful accessories to make your senior guests feel cozy, comfortable and safe when they enter your guesthouse bathroom.