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Steps To Take With A Broken Home Window

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Coming home to find a window broken is never a positive experience. Here are some steps to remedy the issue.

Take Stock

Hopefully, your broken window is due to an accident, such as an errant baseball flying through the window. But if you suspect that's not the case, your immediate goal is to document everything that is out of place in your home. That includes, first of all, the items that are missing. Write down the items along with their price, condition, color, and any other identifying information that you can think of. Also look to see if anything was left behind or changed about your home.

Approach the Police

The next step would be to talk to the police about the issues you're facing. They will file a police report with all of the details you provide. If you don't remember everything all at once, that is okay; the police should follow up with a written copy of the report, to which you can add new details if you remember them later.

Get Glass Repaired

If possible, get windows repaired the same day by a glass contractor. A broken window is a target for intruders; they don't even have to take the risk of breaking a window to gain access to your home. A company like Leger Siding can help.

File an Insurance Claim

Hopefully, you have renter's insurance or homeowner's insurance. That will allow you to file an insurance claim for your losses.

Evaluate Your Security

It's impossible to completely prevent break-ins and theft. But there are many things that you can probably do to make your home safer.

Locksmiths are a good resource for evaluating home entryways for safety. Of course, strong door locks are a good idea. Ideally, you would have an electronic lock system, or at least a knob lock and deadbolt combination on all of your home's entry doors. But your window security is just as important. Weak glass panes invite a break-in, especially if they are on the ground floor. Window replacement with doubled pane or wire embedded glass is a good idea, and your window replacement company can help. Sliding glass doors are also a target, and you may be advised to replace these. Having a safe in your home is another good way to keep burglars away from your most prized items. And finally, home security systems that capture video footage of intruders are a great tool to offer police when they are searching to identify a burglar connected with your case.