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Planning Your Backyard Makeover? 4 Questions To Ask Yourself While Planning Your New Deck

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If you're going to be adding a deck to your home, now's the time to start planning the details. In addition to choosing the right location for your deck, you'll also need to consider a few additional details. Here are four questions you'll need to ask yourself while you're planning your new deck.

1. DIY or Contractor?

When it comes to planning a deck, you need to decide if it will be a DIY project, or if you'll be hiring a contractor. There are specific issues to considered for both approaches. If you're going to be tackling the deck as a DIY yourself project, you'll need to make sure you get the proper permits and have access to all the tools that you'll need. If you're going to use a contractor, you'll want to plan the project during their slow season. That way, you're assured it will be completed before summer arrives. If you've never tackled this type of project, it's best to work with an experienced contractor.

2. Single or Multi-Level?

If you're deck is going to be a focal point of your backyard, you'll need to decide whether it will be single or multi-level. If you're going for a multi-level deck, be sure to plan for the elevation and space in your backyard. You don't want to make plans for a deck that can't be accommodated by your available space. If you're not sure about the use of space, it's best to discuss your options with a deck contractor.

3. Composite or Wood?

Once you've decided on the style of deck, and who will be doing the main construction, you'll need to determine whether you'll be using composite or wood. If you're looking for a decking material that will provide low-maintenance, is good for the environment, and won't suffer from weather exposure, composite material will be your best option. In addition to those benefits, composite decking material contains no harmful chemicals like the ones that are found in treated wood, which means your deck will be safe for your children and pets.

4. Railings or None?

If you've decided to include railings on your deck, you'll need to decide on a material for those, as well. Many people opt for wood railings when choosing a wood deck. However, aluminum railing provides several benefits that you might want to consider. First, aluminum railing won't splinter, which means it will be more comfortable on your hands. Second, it won't need to be sealed, and weather-proofed like wood railing will require.

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