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Septic System Maintenance Recommendations For You To Follow For Good Septic Health

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When your home is in a rural area or in a location where you can't get access to connect your home to the city sewer, you will need to install and maintain a septic system. A septic system is your own small sewage treatment setup that flows through and separates solids from the water waste. Although it is mainly self-contained, your septic system will still need some planning for its placement and regular maintenance and upkeep to ensure it continues to work well. Here are some recommendations to keep your septic tank running well and efficiently.

Hire a Professional Clean-Out

There will be times when your septic system gets full of waste after a period of time and it will need to be cleaned by a professional septic service. Contact your local plumber or septic service company to pump the tank of its waste that will build up over the time you use it. Solid waste will collect in the tank and scum floats on the surface, which will need to be removed from your tank, and the contractors will follow up by rinsing the interior of your tank to prepare it for the upcoming years of use. 

You should also hire a septic professional to pump out your tank if your septic system backs up into your home, which can be a sign that solids have clogged a drain or pipe in your system. The clog may be in the pipes leading into or out of the tank or inside the drain field lines. Your septic professional can pump out the tank and inspect the lines with a video camera to investigate any further problems. For example, a tree root can get into the lines or the tank, causing damage and a clog or leak into the surrounding soil.

Keep Up on Maintenance

Make a note when you last had your septic system pumped out so you can plan for this service to be repeated. Your tank will eventually fill with solid waste that does not break down over time, requiring a return visit within a few years. The timing depends on the size of your tank and how quickly you fill it, which is based on the amount of people in your household and how much waste they produce.

Your septic system services professional can recommend a good repeat pump schedule to help you keep up on its maintenance and the health of your home's plumbing.