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Helpful Jobs That A Custom Metal Fabrication Company Can Assist With

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Metal fabrication companies work with metal and perform a wide variety of useful services for their customers. If you are curious about the different types of things that you can get help with by working with a metal fabrication company, consider these common services. If you need help with any of the things listed below, a good metal fabrication shop should be able to help you. Additionally, if you need help with other tasks related to metal, there is a good chance that they can help you with whatever you have in mind, too.

Laser Cutting

Although you might have some equipment that can be used for cutting metal, chances are good that you don't have access to a laser cutting machine. A laser cutting machine can be great for getting precise, accurate, and clean cuts. Luckily, many custom metal fabrication companies do have laser cutting equipment and can help with any cuts that you need to have done.

Metal Forming or Rolling

In some cases, metal has to be bent or otherwise formed so that it is made into a certain shape. Sometimes, metal has to be rolled in order to create a round shape. As you can probably imagine, forming or rolling metal can be challenging or even impossible to do if you don't have the right equipment, and it can be easy to damage the metal if you don't do the job in the right way. Custom metal fabrication professionals know about the equipment and methods to use for metal forming and rolling so that they don't cause damage to the metal but so that they get the results that they are looking for.


Welding machines can be used for all sorts of repairs and more when you're working with metal. Welding machinery can be expensive and dangerous, however — especially if you don't know what you are doing. Many custom metal fabrication shops have different types of welding machines and have certified welders working for them so that they can have welding work done when needed.


Lastly, many metal fabrication shops do perform finishing services on the metal products that they make or repair for their customers. They might use hot or cold finishing processes, or they might apply powder coating or paint, depending on your preferences and the item that you want to have finished.

These are a few examples of some of the main things that a custom metal fabrication company can help you with. Contact a custom metal fabrication company near you for help with the tasks listed above and more.