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Recommendations For Effective Stump Removal In Your Yard

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Whether the tree died from age, was struck by lightning, or was in the way of a structure or nearby power lines, a tree stump left behind in your yard should and can be removed. A tree stump can be a tripping hazard, can damage your lawn mower, and can provide a nest for pests to live in. It is not a beneficial item in your yard. The following provides you some ideas for removing a tree stump in your yard to free up the space and remove the obstacle.

Cut Out the Stump

As a homeowner, you want to clear up the space in your yard and remove a troublesome tree stump. You can do this, but you first need to dig around the tree stump to expose any stabilizing roots that extend outward from the stump, which are usually anywhere from four to five exterior roots. Once you have revealed these roots, use a chainsaw to cut them off at their base to loosen the stump from surrounding smaller roots. 

You can next make a cross cut down through the interior of the stump to section it into four equal parts. Now you will need some wedges to help split the stump apart. You can look for steel wedges at a local garden shop or make your own from a length of lumber. Insert the wedges into the cross cuts into the top of the stump and use a sledgehammer to wedge them into the stump, breaking it apart. Continue this until you have broken off the stump's four sections from the tree's main central root.

Hire a Stump Removal

When you don't have the time or the energy to complete your own stump removal, you can arrange for a professional to do the job. Contact a local stump removals service or ask a landscape professional for a recommendation for this service. 

First, the service will cut off the tree stump down to the soil level to remove as much height in the stump as possible. The stump removal professional will then use a mobile grinding tool that sits over the stump and blades cut away at the stump down into the soil where the roots growth extend. A stump removal service provides you a thorough job of removing the entire stump from the soil and leaving the soil with natural tree mulch leftover from the tree that will break down with time. 

Use Chemicals

Chemicals also make a great solution to helping you remove a stump. You can find tree stump removal chemicals that break down the wood to soften it and make it easy to remove. Or you can use chemicals to enable you to burn the stump. However, take high precautions when you use fire to burn the stump from the soil so it does not spread to other vegetation or structures.

To get help with stump removal, contact a local tree service.