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A Steel Building Sales Process

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Steel is a low-maintenance material that will be resistant to pests and moisture. A general contractor can work with your metal building sales team, to ensure that prefabricated materials will be ready for assembly when your construction project is due to begin.


  • costs
  • size dimensions
  • custom features
  • financing arrangements  
  • delivery

The Plans And The Materials

A general contractor may work independently with a metal structure sales team. This will allow you to view metal materials and acquire dimensional and customization details that will support a particular building style. If you are going to work with a contractor who doesn't furnish materials, checking out what a metal supplier has to offer will be essential.

Some suppliers may work solely within the metal building field. They may provide basic plans, materials, hardware, and accessories that are needed to erect an entire building. If you are going to have a custom product design made and have a general contractor use the details to erect the building, you may be responsible for paying a non-refundable deposit to the metal supplier.

A deposit will initiate a sale and secure the building plans and custom materials that are needed for the project. Upon paying the deposit, you will not be able to recoup this fee in the future. This means that if your building plans change, you will need to accept the monetary loss.

The Exchange Of Goods

A metal building salesperson may outline some financing options. You may be responsible for paying a deposit on the plans and materials that you purchase but have the opportunity to pay off the goods in installments. If working capital is needed to afford the cost of a general contractor's services, an installment plan may be appealing.

Be aware, however, that the costs of metal materials may be inflated from doing so. Interest rates and penalties should be assessed, prior to choosing an installment plan. The exchange of goods can't be conducted until a payment arrangement plan has been finalized or until a full payment has been made for the plans and materials.

Metal pieces may be large, necessitating the use of a heavy-duty vehicle to transport the components. Your general contractor may be able to secure a form of transportation that will be responsible for picking up and dropping off the materials. Your contractor may also be willing to communicate with the sales team and make alternate arrangements to have the items delivered.

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