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Maintenance Tips That May Help Your Commercial Roof Last Longer

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Roof replacement is often necessary if your roof has incurred extensive damage or is worn out. It is important to be aware of the true condition of your roof so that the need for a replacement doesn't catch you off-guard. When you know that your roof will likely need to be replaced within a year or several months in advance, you are in a better position to budget for it and take your time consulting a roofer to help you make your selection.

The only way you can have an accurate picture of your roof's condition while also safeguarding the integrity of your commercial roof is through regular professional maintenance. There are several ways through which a roofer carries out roof maintenance, and they include:

Bi-Annual Checks 

Commercial roof maintenance is required twice a year to ensure that your roof is not rusting or wearing down. Additionally, your roofer inspects to ensure that your roof is free from leaks, rot, and other factors that would degrade it. When effectively maintained, your roof is more efficient and last longer, so you won't have to pay for costly repairs.

Inspections After a Severe Storm

Roofing inspections are also necessary after storms. This is because strong storms can be detrimental to your roofing, causing damage to the external and internal components of the roof. Sometimes, the damage may be subtle, so the inspection should be performed by professionals. The roof may develop cracks, dents, or leaks from tree branches falling on it or items being blown onto it. If such issues are not caught and addressed in time, there is a risk to your staff, clients, and property, negatively affecting your business.

Eliminating Overhanging Tree Branches

Having trees near your commercial roof is dangerous, especially when the branches overgrow. Weaker branches can break off and land on your roof, resulting in cracks and other damage. During maintenance, roofers can remove the overhanging branches to reduce the risk of damage to the roof of your business premises.

Inspecting for Leaks

Some commercial roofs have more complex designs, and inspecting for leaks may take time and require specialized skills and personnel. In some cases, the inspection requires thermal imaging and infrared thermography methods to locate any leaks. Fortunately, commercial roofers are licensed and equipped to find and fix leaks.

Commercial roof maintenance is important because it ensures that issues are found and resolved before they escalate. Moreover, it keeps your roof in peak condition, which keeps your business and property safe from damage. Take care to hire a professional commercial roofing expert for regular maintenance.

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