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Is Spray Foam Insulation Right For Your Home?

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There are numerous insulation materials on the market today, and spray foam insulation represents one of the most interesting options. If you're considering using it, here are four things to think about before you decide.


One of the strongest arguments for using spray foam insulation is draftiness in a house. Especially if there are specific spots that are drafty, such as areas around windows and doors, your home's current insulation solution might not be getting the job done. A major advantage of spray foam as an insulation material is its ability to expand into tight spaces. This allows it to fill the gaps that often allow drafts to get through under things like window sills and door jambs.

Heat and Cooling Losses

In addition to cold air getting into a house, you also could be losing both heating and cooling. This is particularly true if the attic isn't well-insulated. Fortunately, a spray foam contractor can quickly remedy the problem. The foam will sit as a layer between the ceiling of the upper floor and the bottom of the attic. Once it is in place, it will discourage the transfer of energy from the attic and the living areas of the house.

Notably, you'll need to make sure your home has sufficient ventilation. Otherwise, the insulation layer can act as a vapor barrier. Ideally, the house already has vents into the attic to allow you to pass moisture to the outside.

Loose Insulation Materials

Some locations just don't work well with traditional insulation materials. The most standard type is insulation that a contractor rolls out and staples into place. However, these can droop over time. Likewise, pests can tear them apart for nesting materials, and this can loosen the insulation and reduce its value.

When a spray foam insulation service team puts materials in place, they stick to the surrounding surfaces and form a bond. The lifetime of the sprayed material will depend on the product and some environmental factors, but you should expect around 50 years worth of service from it. Notably, this means spray foam insulation is excellent for use in roofs, attics, ceilings, and other high-up areas you're not going to check regularly.

Mixed Solutions

There are some places where you shouldn't use spray foam. Particularly, you don't want to use it near anything like an electrical box where you don't want sticky materials hanging around. However, you can insulate these areas with more traditional installations and spray the foam in appropriate spots like attics and ceilings.